British pop band wants Bangladesh factory investigated over workers' ‘abuse’

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  •  Mar 27, 2019
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British pop band wants Bangladesh factory investigated over workers' ‘abuse’

An investigation into a Bangladeshi factory is said to be funded by the British pop band the ‘Spice Girls' over its treatment of women who make T-shirts for a charity campaign that backs equality.

As per the investigation of the Guardian newspaper, the factory workers working at Gazipur in Bangladesh earn as little as 35 pence, i.e., 45 cents an hour. These workers make tops and are forced to work up to 16 hours a day and also are subjected to insults and harassments.

The T-shirts manufactured in this factory were commissioned by retail for about £20. The Spice Girls also entrusted these T-shirts and these were targeted to raise money for a campaign by British charity Comic Relief that champions the cause of gender justice.

The pop bands had triggered sensation amongst young women and have also appealed to them through its top charts of 1990s that had a special “girl power mantra” and talked about how girls from even ordinary backgrounds can achieve milestones through their sincere efforts and perseverance.

The tops feature the slogan “#IWannaBeASpiceGirl” on the front and “gender justice” on the backside. The representatives from the band presented their agony and shock over such claims. Thus an independent investigation will be funded by the girls of the famous band into the working conditions of the factory. The band has always kept equality and the movement of people power close to its heart.

The Guardian newspaper was told by the workers working here that they were forced to work overtime and were also subjected to verbal abuse. Their health conditions were totally ignored and they were cursed as 'daughter of a prostitute’.

The garment sector of Bangladesh has turned into a $30 billion industry and alone accounts to 80% of the exports from the country. What has helped it surge to such heights are the low wages and trade deals with the western countries. However, recently thousands of workers have moved to the streets to demand for better pay. This has led to violent demonstrations that have struck Bangladesh. Though promises of raising the wages have been made by the garment owners yet the workers have launched fresh protests thereby rejecting the hike.

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