English Cricket Club ditches leather ball for ‘vegan’ ball

  •  United Kingdom
  •  Oct 04, 2019
  •  By WFB Bureau
English Cricket Club ditches leather ball for ‘vegan’ ball

A first of its kind initiative has been taken by English Cricket Club which has decided to switch to ‘vegan’ ball from traditional leather balls. The initiative is the club’s second step in its vegan journey, which introduced a vegan tea for their players two years ago.

Well-known as the vegan cricket club, Earley Cricket Club in Reading – a town 40 miles (64 kilometres) west of London is enthused with the introduction of synthetic animal-free ball which is made using a rubber covering. “It does behave like a leather cricket ball, but it bounces more and it's more difficult to grip. But we're enthused by it and we're hopeful of finding a better version,” said Gary Shacklady, Chairman of the club.

Germane to mention here is that Gary founded the club 12 years ago and at the age of 33 is the youngest cricket club chairman in England. He himself is a vegan and is of the opinion that adopting a solely plant-based lifestyle will give the team the edge over their opponents.

Other clubs in their Berkshire Cricket League will follow the lead, hopes Gary.

Match teas, usually ham sandwiches, were also replaced with vegan teas such as Moroccan tagine, lasagne and meat-free spaghetti Bolognese. The adoption of vegan tea encouraged players of Hindu and Muslim ethnicities to join the team. “The teas have been well received as our players understand and support the reasoning behind the decision. It also means we can produce a far larger quantity of food for a lower cost,” added Gary.  

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