GTE Gandhinagar clocks good number of visitation

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  •  Aug 17, 2019
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GTE Gandhinagar clocks good number of visitation

The 29th edition of Garment Technology Expo (GTE) in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) witnessed a copious visitation and participation of the apparel industry. The 3-day long event brought together more than 90 exhibitors from all segments of apparel manufacturing technology which addressed the industry’s needs including sustainability, automation, finishing and real-time data monitoring. 

The major attraction at the tradeshow was the mighty appearance of tech giants like IIGM, HCA, E.H. Turel Group, Magnum Resources, Tukatech, Brother, Duerkopp Adler and Jack who were exhibiting their latest cutting-edge innovations.

The exhibitors showcased latest innovations and small to big improvements in the machines which, they claim, ensure quality and productivity improvements on the shopfloor. Quite interestingly, the exhibitors seemed bullish about the opportunities Gujarat provides to them as a manufacturing hub and all of them quoted that investment can be seen in both woven and knitwear categories in various parts of Gujarat despite it is known as denim manufacturing powerhouse. The product diversification is pushing technology suppliers to come up with various offerings which is certainly a positive indication for the industry.

Installing high-end machines and using them to the optimum level in order to control; cost and improve productivity has become an area of concern for garment manufacturers. Terming this as a significant direction for their growth, the technology providers showed up the premium range of their products rather than basic SNLS machines. “A lot of expansion is happening in and around Gujarat as some big names in manufacturing industry are opening new factories in close proximity creating a lot of scope for technology suppliers to grow,” informed Randeep Sahani, Director (Sewing Machinery), Brother.

Though the majority of the visitors was SME but it was good to see about their inclination towards the latest technology and automation. The major issue everybody was talking about is the small-scale manufacturers located in various parts of the state and installed capacity of theirs is not more than 150 machines. These manufacturers have regular orders from buyers so investment in machines is not a problem for them. However, high-end automation is still not something that the manufacturing industry is looking at. Neville Turel, Director, EH Turel told, “It is still a small hub of manufacturing so we are not showing up the high-end machinery rather going for low automation which is more relevant for the state.”

Anshuman Dash, Marketing Director, H&Hsaid, “We are here to tap those manufacturers who are doing workwear and that’s our strength. We are here to support the industry with our stitchless technology.” 

Chinese technology company Richpeace first time participated in GTE Gandhinagar and targeted automotive players. Betty Chou, Vice General Manager, Richpeace told, “We have showcased Automatic Non-Stop automotive interior machine which is a renowned model for stitching of car seat covers and roof carpets. Since Gujarat has all big automotive companies in it, we are hopeful to get them on board.”

Local technology dealer and a renowned name in Gujarat's sewing machines dealing industry Stitchman presented a wide range of machines of the Chinese leading machine manufacturer Jack. Vijay Shah, Founder, Stitchman shared, “We are getting queries for the latest SNLS and overlock machine models of Jack which indicates manufacturers are expanding, for which they are showing their faith in Jack.”

It’s a fact that Gujarat is hub of embroidery as well and to tap on this huge embroidery market, Aura Technologies was present with its 18 head embroidery machine which recently was upgraded by adding ‘Automatic Bobbin Changer’ to it. Vinay, Regional Manager, Aura Technologies, commented, “This automatic bobbin changer helps increasing productivity a lot as it reduces overall timing and human intervention.”

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