South Korea ups the ante with smart textile factories

  •  South Korea
  •  Jul 15, 2019
  •  By WFB Bureau
South Korea ups the ante with smart textile factories

In a path-breaking move, South Korea has decided to raise the bar of its textile and fashion industry with the help of smart manufacturing solutions.

In its vision of turning South Korea into one of the world’s top four manufacturing powers by 2030, government seeks to promote the adoption of smart factories and applying information and communications technology (ICT) to textiles and clothing sector.

The government will act as an aide to local firms in increasing their global competitive by helping them to adopt smart manufacturing solutions and supporting research projects on next-generation fabrics. Under the initiative, it will allocate 39 billion won (US $ 33.7 million) over the financial year 2018-2022 to factories such as sewing, dyeing and shoe manufacturing to produce on-demand products for clients.

“It is in line with the global trend of making customized products for individual clients instead of mass producing pre-designed goods,” a statement by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Besides, 52.4 billion won has also been kept aside under the move up to 2023 for the development of next-generation fabrics that can be used in firefighters’ suits and other specialized areas.

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