Textile industry gets unique identity through Applied DNA Sciences

  •  United States of America
  •  May 30, 2019
  •  By WFB Bureau
Textile industry gets unique identity through Applied DNA Sciences

DNA molecular tagging is an effective tool for verifying denim even after the original fibre is converted into yarn and later bleached and manufactured to finished fabric. Applied DNA Sciences has been effectively expanding the use of its Certain T platform which provides forensic identity to any kind of textile at any point within the supply chain.

DNA is a unique and invaluable technology for the textile industry and beyond and Applied DNA is the application of DNA to lend unique molecular business solutions to uncertainties faced by companies. Sourcing and supply chain management systems of most of the supply chains are based on a reliance on paper-based certification. Textiles and other supply chains have also undergone such experience where they have to bear pressure of performance besides keeping themselves sustainable and transparent.

Applied DNA is a biotechnology firm that brings molecular business solutions through synthesis of unique molecular tags or tracers. It further utilizes forensic methods for verifying the material being tagged.

Sounds something similar to digital barcodes seen on packaging?  Indeed, it’s so!

The DNA is a molecular barcode which when applied onto the textile fibre becomes an indelible molecular certificate which travels in or on the fibre till it becomes finished product. The story started a decade ago with the commercial journey of Applied DNA which began to create unique molecular tags based on DNA that would provide one unique tag per cash box.

A Central DNA testing Laboratory has been established by Applied DNA a year ago in Gujarat which is a major economic focal point for industries dealing in textile, fertilizers, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. This was done for the goal of providing forensic authentication services and expanding the company’s global textile business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Applied DNA has partnered with GHCL for recycled PET in bedding and the Himatsingka Group for cotton in home textiles. GHCL is a perennial innovator of quality bed linen. Through collaborating with Applied DNA Sciences, GHCL has launched a new line of bedding products crafted from cotton and recycled polyester.

The products use integrated Certain T platform from Applied DNA Sciences which help in verifying the authenticity of the product from source to retail. The patented Signature T DNA technology ensures cotton purity of the product at each point throughout the supply chain. 

Image Source: https://adnas.com

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