What’s the latest buzz around Textile Tester?

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  •  May 07, 2019
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What’s the latest buzz around Textile Tester?

Textile like everything else is experiencing a boost in demand and with this increasing demand; it is also undergoing transformation and experimentation.

Since the inception of human civilization, clothing has undergone numerous changes and with time the demand for quality and branded clothing has also increased.

In a world where technology is the key to every human need, we seek quality in everything we want and same applies for our clothing as well. There are various parameters for determining the quality of textile such as permeability, yarn count, tensile, tear strength to name a few. At an industrial level, textile tester is used for testing these parameters.

Due to constant innovations performed in the textile sector, there are speculations of significant growth rate in the textile tester market as well. For the end users to choose the product as per requirement, the tester is available in different operating types like manual and automatic.

The factor most prominent in driving the growth of the textile tester market is the increasing government regulation for maintenance of standardized form of textile and industry compliant quality of textile materials. Further, the availability of international ASTM, BS, EN and ISO gives a good opportunity to the manufacturers to explore textile tester market. The specification and test methods for various parameters like physical, chemical properties of clothes, fabrics and textiles are included in ASTM’s textile standards.

Another factor that has led to the increase in popularity of textile tester is the reduction in manual work and accurate results of testing. The textile tester has also been through consistent innovation practices, so the demand for easy to use format of textile tester is increasing.

Talking about the leading manufacturers of textile tester, these names find prominence in the market: TESTEX Textile Testing Instruments, Qualitest International Inc., ELECTROMATIC Equipment Co., Inc., AMETEK Inc, Alpha Chemika, ASIAN TEST EQUIPMENTS, X-Power Equipments.

The region expected to dominate the global textile tester market is the APEJ region and the countries in this region like India, China and Indonesia among others will be leading the pack in terms of textile manufacturing. This is also linked to the easy availability of raw materials like cotton, jute, wool and others in this region which boosts the production of textile and further increases the demand for textile tester.

Next is the European region which holds second position in demand for textile tester due to the strict manufacturing guidelines followed for maintaining quality of the products by the manufacturers there. North America too is expected to get a growing demand for the same owing to the increasing government regulation like chemical and safety guidelines for industries.

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