What’s the top global fashion online search term?

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  •  Mar 23, 2019
  •  By WFB Bureau
What’s the top global fashion online search term?

 It's “Made in India”

If you are wondering about what's the latest fashion search term going global, then SEMrush data has the answer to your query. It’s none other than our very own “Made in India” that made over 269 million searches last year and so became the most used fashion search term.

If you go by the reports of the online e marketing firm SEMrush, it has a positive remark for India stating that the country outnumbered other countries of the world for fashion searches the previous year. With the Google search amounting to 269 million times for the term “Made in India”; the global positioning of India has been the topmost. “Made in China” shifted to the second position with 140 million searches. The third in the game was Italy securing 88 million searches while the searches for US-made fashion amounted to mere 18.8 million. Surprisingly, within the domains of the United States of America as well, the domestically manufactured clothing was searched for only after “Made in Mexico” and “Made in China”.

So what has India to gain in all this fashion-frenzied term hunting! Well, the elections are head on and so the Union Government has much to acclaim to on it’s part. Besides this, the government has also been laying an emphasis on e-commerce market and has been consistent in showing it’s efforts towards increasing the domestic production with it’s campaign termed “Make in India”.

Not just this, the aim of the government has been to make India a global brand and present it as a global next best when it comes to fashion and textiles exports. The latest data presented by SEMrush suggests that India is among the top choices of global shoppers.

But with all this glad news, there are challenges to be met and the very first one comes as a tough competition from India's nearest neighbors- Bangladesh and China including some other countries that are fast-paced in fashion and textile exports.


The government has been recently informed by the State Minister for Textiles that India faces higher tariffs than other countries while exporting to the EU and the US. Policies and trade barriers still posh big hurdle to the export business of India despite the increasing international recognition of designers and materials from India.


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